2005  CPS  SBD-240 Sld Trp

  • Stock Number:  5209-T1
  • Dimensions:  40'
  • Suspension:  Spring
  • Construction:  Steel
  • Axle Config:  Dual Tandem
  • Door Style:   
  • Brakes:  Air
  • Wheels:  Steel
  • Tires:  11R24.5   
  • Pct.:    
  • Pct.:    

2005 CPS Standard Bottom Dump, 40'X96" with 10' wood bangboards, 54"X108" hopper opening, capacity: 22.5 cubic yards, front and rear slope sheets deleted, no ladder, steel gate style with side locks, welded push block with certified under ride, tarp slide manual Cramaro 18oz vinyl black 40', drop legs landing gear, tandem 4 spring suspension, standard dirt deflector, 11R24.5 steel wheels, gate control: electric over air and manual dump operation