2018  Aspen  10T Spreader

  • Stock Number:  6447-1
  • Dimensions:  53x102
  • Suspension:  Air Ride
  • Construction:  Steel
  • Axle Config:  3-2
  • Door Style:  N/A
  • Brakes:  Air
  • Wheels:  Steel
  • Tires:     Orig.
  • Pct.:    
  • Pct.:    

The Aspen Spreader Frame is design to work with the Aspen 55 ton Contractor Series. When placed between the trailer and an Aspen 10 ton flip over axle this frame allows full tri weights plus the added distribution of a 14-1 single axle booster. The compact design along with light tare weight allows for increased payloads and functionality. Shimmable Articulating frame design c/w air shot pin to lock stinger straight. Black in color. Weighs 1,680lbs +/- 3%