2018  Aspen  Flip Neck Fixed

  • Stock Number:  6557
  • Dimensions:  48"
  • Suspension:  N/A
  • Construction:  Steel
  • Axle Config:  N/A
  • Door Style:  N/A
  • Brakes:   
  • Wheels:   
  • Tires:     Orig.
  • Pct.:    
  • Pct.:    

NEW 70 Ton Manual Flip-Over Gooseneck Extension to suit an Aspen 70 Ton Fixed neck oilfield trailer. This extension provides a 168" swing clearance to suit a Tandem Axle Jeep. Overall Width 48" Nominal. Web Center 44". Narrow manual flip over extension. Single kingpin position with removable kingpin. Full width pick-up throat. Includes all necessary fasteners and pins