2018  Superior  1 Axle Booster

  • Stock Number:  6752
  • Dimensions:  102
  • Suspension:  Air Ride
  • Construction:  Steel
  • Axle Config:  Singel Axle
  • Door Style:  N/A
  • Brakes:  Air
  • Wheels:  Steel
  • Tires:  275  Orig.
  • Pct.:  100/32 100/32100/32 100/32
  • Pct.:    

NEW 2018 Self Synchronizing Nitrogen 1 axle Stinger. Self-contained hydraulic system. 13 HP Honda. 25,000 lb Ridewell suspension. Fully automated loaded balancing system. Outer aluminum wheels. 275 22.5 tires. Drum brakes. Black powder coated finish. Automation software allows the Stinger or Spreader Bar to be controlled by a tablet or an app on a cell phone from the interior of the cab. After initial verifications, "auto mode" will balance airbags while driving down the road, adjusting the pressure difference between the truck and the Stinger or Spreader. Backup mode allows the Stinger to be raised for backing into a parking spot from the cab. Weight 4,900 lbs.